Farm Rubber Mats in Northern Ireland

'Don't slip up' when it comes to choosing your horses stable mat

NFS is confident that their rubber stable mats are the most economical and user-friendly equine matting solution on the market today. The mats also come at a fraction of the price of the leading brands, yet with no short-cuts on quality.

At NFS, we have listened to your comments, you asked for mats that are:

  • Low cost
  • Easier to lift and fit
  • No gaps between mats
  • Economical and hardwearing
  • Easy to sweep clean

With these features in mind, we have now designed and new mat that has all these features as standard:

  • Fully interlocking,
  • smaller sized mats
  • Easier to lift and fit
  • Pre-cut to fit average stable sizes
  • Anti slip with an easy to clean surface

Over the last few years while fitting a large number of mats, we have learned that most 12ft x 12ft stables have a smaller floor area. Our mat sets now allow for this and in many cases they will fit with no need for cutting. Even if undersized, our mats will not separate or move, as they are joined together.

Kraiburg KN Stable Mat

The KN mat has a lightly grooved underside which sits close to the subfloor, minimising gaps for urine to soak through. These mats are best for stables with imperfect drainage. (The KN mat also comes with a 10 year guarantee).

Kraiburg Kenmat

The Kenmat has a studded underside which gives a springier surface, extra thermal insulation and allows free drainage of liquid underneath the mat. If you have a good drainage fall in your stables, Kenmats are particularly suitable.

Guarantee: 10 year guarantee

Loose box mats are 6ft x 4ft, 6 mats fit perfectly into a 12ft x 12ft stable. You should only need to lift the mats around every 9-12 months for cleaning.

Surface: anti-slip profile

Mat thickness: 18mm approx.

Weight per m2: 20kg approx.

Material: solid rubber

Colour: black

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