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New Silo-Max Forage Treatments Increase Milk Production

A new enzyme technology developed by Micron Bio-Systems increases milk production by up to 3 litres a day or can cut feed costs by the use of improved home grown forages. Micron's new "Silo-Max" range of forage additives contains a breakthrough enzyme combination.

The new combination separates the energy-containing cellulose from the lignin. At the same time, the sugars released are utilized by the silage bacteria to produce lactic acid, other volatile acids, and an increased rate of digestibility of the forage. This increase in microbial activity also fixes nitrogen containing compounds into the highly digestible microbial protein that is essential in milk production.

"For many years it has been apparent that enzymes could play an important part in the improvement of forages," said Dr. Stephen Mann, Technical Director of Micron Bio-Systems. "Now, with the advent of invitro rumen technology, it has proved possible to calculate not only which enzymes to use but how much of each for each forage type."

Working with the University of Edinburgh (UK), Micron identified the new enzymes for use in silage inoculants. Dr. Mann said, "By demonstrating improvements in the value of the silage through analytical techniques, farmers and their nutritionists can make the most economical use of the forage." These analyses have shown statistically significant increases in energy, protein, VFA profile and digestibility. Through feeding trials using enzyme treated and untreated silages a verified increase in milk production has been demonstrated for the very first time with enzyme treated forages.

The success of any forage treatment and its benefits to the herd can only be proven by measurable results in animal production. Dr. Mann stated, "In the trials with a large herd on a high grass forage diet in USA, a group of heifers produced an incredible 3 litres more milk when fed the "Silo-Max" treated forage and immediately lost 1-2 litres once the treated silage was withdrawn and substituted with untreated forage from the same source.

Silo-Max is available in five crop specific formulations

  • Grass
  • Legume
  • Whole Crop
  • Maize
  • Crimp.

Typical retail prices will be 1.50 Euro per tonne treated for Grass and 1.80 Euro for Maize.

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