Cow Cubicles in Northern Ireland

NFS are always trying to set new standards with their products, the Patent C1 Cow Cubicles, Standard Cubicles and Wall mounted Cubicles, NFS calf pens complete with MIK plastic floors, Kraiburg Rubber Flooring Systems for Cattle and Pigs, German Krazzmaxx Automatic Cow Brushes, MIK plastic calf, pig and sheep slats, Suevia farmline products and drinkers and also a full range of Healthy Hooves foot bath treatments and Micron Silage, Maize, and Whole crop additives.

The NFS C1 Cow cubicle was designed by Kieran Mc Peake and tested by the South West College.

It is currently on three farms and the farmers like it because the cows have more confidence and room to lie down and have more room to exit the cubicle without any fear of slipping and falling. One of the farmers said that "it was the best cubicle in the yard", he has a second batch installed in a new cow house.

NFS are also the distributor for Kraiburg rubber flooring systems and had a very busy 2012 and are looking forward to the tranche 3 of the modernisation scheme.

All Kraiburg products are strenuously tested to ensure long term durability. They are ISO 9001 accredited and have numerous European quality certifications.

Cow Brushes in Antrim

The company is also supplying a ready to operate '2 Brush Krazzmaxx Automatic Cow Brush' with all German components and a heavy duty gear box. The Krazzmaxx Automatic Cow Brush is designed to provide relief and relaxation to cows by cleaning and massaging their skin.

Dirt and dust that accumulates on cow skin causes discomfort to the animal and can harbour harmful parasites if not cleaned off periodically. The Cow Brush provides a self-cleaning set up for the cows, eliminating the need for any labour or operator attendance for this purpose.

NFS also supply MIK German plastic slats for calf pens, sheep and pigs. MIK is Europe's leading specialist for high value plastic flooring. The Trapper plastic slat is used especially for single calf boxes and offers optimum hygienic conditions and high stability.

The Stepper slat is developed for calves and sheep. Its new kind of surface structure provides the very best traction and stability.

The company also supply a full range of Suevia Drinkers and Farmline products such as Calf buckets, Milk bottles, Calf Drenchers with flexible probe and many more.

We also supply a full range of galvanised feed gates.

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