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Due to the inclement weather of recent winters and the associated problems for farmers, especially freezing water supply, frost proof taps are now the only solution.

Northern Farm Supplies, are now stocking a range of frost free taps, from agricultural to industrial to household models. The taps are manufactured by Woodford Manufacturing in Colorado and have been tried and tested in America for 80 years in the harshest of conditions.

The concept behind the taps is that a valve is positioned below the frost line, approximately two feet underground. Once the tap is turned on, the valve opens to allow the water through the supply pipe to the tap. When the tap is shut off, the valve closes which, in turn, opens a drainage point which allows the water to drain back down to the base of the pipe and soak away through pebbles or can be piped to a drain. As a result the supply pipe and tap contain no water and so do not freeze.

As well as individual pipes, NFS also supply a model which can be fitted to the water supply to water troughs in livestock sheds. Details of the range of models can be seen when you contact NFS for a brochure. NFS also have a range of insulated and heated drinkers from German company Suevia. For more details call the number above.

Frost free tap

1. Dig hole for stand pipe approximately 2 feet in diameter and deeper than the bury depth.

2. Flush gravel, debris, etc. out of the supply line before connecting stand pipe.

3. Install stand pipe with drain hole below frost line. Use wrenches on supply line fitting and brass valve body only. This avoids over tightening the hydrant assembly which could affect operation.

4. If supply line to the stand pipe will not support stand pipe, use re-bar, length of pipe or other suitable support driven in bottom of pit to help support stand pipe. Before filling excavation, turn on water and check stand pipe connection for leaks.

5. Provisions must be made to allow the water to drain from the stand pipe drain hole each time the stand pipe is closed.

a) Fill bottom of pit with 1/2" gravel to a minimum of 3" above brass drain valve body, to insure adequate drainage.

b) If the stand pipe is installed inside a structure or concrete driveway, connect copper drain tubing to the 1/8" NPT drain hole and dig a remote drain field outside the structure for the drain pipe to empty into. Without this remote piping drain field, the water from the stand pipe drainage may percolate up to the surface around or near the stand pipe and will damage the floor surface or cause muddy areas around stand pipe.

c) Saturated ground in the stand pipe drain field can prevent the stand pipe from fully draining and may result in freezing. If the area where the stand pipe is located is low lying or has a tendency to have standing water, a larger drain field or pit may be required to provide the stand pipe a place to drain.

Frost tap diagram Frost tap installation instructions

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