Cow Brushes in Northern Ireland

Northern Farm Supplies have successful Balmoral Show.

After a very busy Balmoral show in 2012, We are delighted with the interest in our new C1 cow cubicle and Kraiburg rubber coverings, so we have decided to partner with Kraiburg as they are now one of the leading rubber specialists worldwide, all products are certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard and are DLG tested.

As the sole distributor in Ireland for all of their product range, we can guarantee farmers value, quality and service; German quality and design combined with local reliable service. We offer rubber coverings to meet every potential application for dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs and horses." comments Kieran McPeake, Director, Northern Farm Supplies.

While acknowledging that Kraiburg is not the cheapest solution in the market, Kieran says farmers recognise that investment in quality products gives the best long term return. "The most expensive solution is to make the investment in rubber twice.

We have often come across farmers who have fitted cheaper, thinner alternatives that after some use either wear out, or the comfort level decreases dramatically and the surface becomes too smooth. "We then find that they come to us to fit the best."

We also carry an innovative range of cow brushes, the new 2 brush Krazzmaxx from German manufacture Suevia, and drinkers for all ranges of animals plus their complete farm line products.

And as suppliers of Micron Bio systems we also carry a range of silage inoculants and microzymes for slurry.

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