Cow Welfare - FlexStall

Free stall that boosts cow comfort

Cow Welfare Bed belt FlexStall

Cows are equal to humans – the better they rest, the better they produce. And the best place to rest is in our flexible free stall. Imagine you’re going to bed, and before your head hits the pillow, your neck is slammed into an iron bracket. When you wake up the next morning, your back and shoulders are so sore because an inflexible duvet has trapped you. I wouldn’t go to bed if I could help it and likewise would a cow.

That’s where the free stall FlexStall™ comes in handy.

  • It’s cow friendly. The cows are lying down faster than normal, which increases rest time and thereby increases daily cow milk production.
  • It’s flexible so that the cow gets zero injuries, but still sturdy enough to guide the cow.
  • It’s durable. That’s why we offer a 10-year 100% warranty.

So far, the free stall from Cow-Welfare has been an eye-opener for the dairy industry and the benefits of it have been profound. What we see on average is:

  • Rise in daily yield by 2.2 liters per cow (roughly 0.5 gallons)
  • Decrease in culling rate by 4-5%
  • Increase in resting time by 1½ hours daily
  • Decrease in time cleaning the cubicles
  • Severe reduction in bedding usage
  • Improvement of estrous condition, as the cows are in better health

Every free stall barn in the world could benefit from FlexStall