Cow Welfare - FlexFeed

Introduces new ways to utilise the feed barrier

Cow Welfare Forforsk FlexFeed

It’s time to stop thinking in general terms when cows are fed. It’s time to give the cows the freedom from grass fields into the barns. It’s time to have flexible feed barriers for the well-being of the cow! Cow-Welfare’s™ suggestion for a flexible barn equipment: Cow-Welfare Flex Feed™, is a revolutionary way to feed cows indoors.

With a flexibility of 30 °, the feed barrier follows the cow’s movements and ensures that the cow is not going to get hurt. The flexibility at the same time gives the cow a possibility to reach longer out on the feeding table too, which means that the cow will eat for a longer time without getting any damages or injuries from the barn equipment.

The average of our Cow-Welfare Flex Feed™ customers experience:

  • Higher earnings because of increased appetite and improved animal welfare
  • Increased feed intake because the cow is consuming more food, and can reach further out on the feeding table
  • Fewer difficulties because the cows can consume more food further out on the feeding table
  • Calmer cows through differentiated feeding places
  • Greater flexibility because. of adjustable widths of the feeding places
  • the animals are healthier because they avoid marks and injuries from the flexible feed barriers
  • Better heat conditions, because. the cows are healthy and rested
  • 10 years 100% guarantee (5 years on suspension)

The system gives freedom back to the cow as if it was out on the field.