Healthy Calf Barn

Only a healthy calf can grow into a prize cow

Healthy Calf Barn

Working in conjunction with experienced vets and farmers, HUESKER has developed a concept for an optimized climate in calf barns. A healthy combination of natural and active ventilation, continuous air extraction and ample daylight characterise the barn. The micro-climate is defined by an optimised calf cubicle. A simplified building structure lowers the construction expenses.

Why choose healthy calf barn?

Vets throughout Germany provide customer counselling and contribute to the development of purpose-designed solutions. In collaboration with the technicians of our partner VET.SMART, HUESKER analyses the air flows throughout the building and in the individual calf cubicles. Practitioners from livestock building specialist Schrijver have also assisted in the development of calf cubicles that combine supreme hygiene with intelligent, labour-saving design and absolute animal comfort. The calves directly benefit from the high-comfort micro-climate created by the ventilation tubes and specially designed cubicles. The housing quality is further enhanced by the side ventilation system and light ridge.

Vet Smart Tubes - Ventilation Tubes

Continuous fresh air supply directly to the animal

Uniform air distribution based on exact calculation of necessary hole sizes and layouts in ventilation tube.

Fundamental to the concept is the ventilation tube. By this tube, each calf always gets optimal fresh air which is germ-free, oxygen-rich and free from harmful gases. Drawing on its own in-depth experience and the expert support of veterinarians, we use the results of the physical calculations to guarantee the perfect ventilation solution for each calf cubicle.

Lubratec Calf

Controlled ventilation during summer and winter and continuous air extraction

  • The adjustable tarpaulin serves to expose various mesh areas at top and bottom which allow the required rate of air supply and extraction.

The roll-up ventilation system for calves offers an additional means exploiting natural air circulation and promotes the robustness of calves at an early stage in their lives. Fresh wind blowing through the calf barn creates a climate similar to that on the meadow.

Climate-optimised Calf Cubicle

Animal-friendly environment with healthy micro-climate; worker-friendly and extra-hygienic

  • Enhanced animal friendliness and maximum hygiene based on feedback from veterinarians.
  • Easy-to-handle design inspired by tips from farmers.
  • Form and construction of partitions dovetailed to required air flow patterns on basis of simulations and tests.

The second core element in the basic concept is the new climateoptimized calf cubicle. It provides calves with a hygienic, animal-friendly environment, simplifies the job of farm workers and raises the quality of livestock keeping.

Skytex light ridge

Uniformly distributed daylight throughout the housing, though without any greenhouse effect and resulting build-up of heat

  • A special UV-stable, polyester-woven-reinforced membrane guarantees optimum light diffusion while oblique wind deflectors create a permanent negative pressure zone and prevent air inflow.

The light ridge increases the amount of daylight reaching the young animals and working areas without creating any greenhouse effect and while ensuring continuous air extraction.