Kraiburg Lying Area Mats

Maintain and Maximise Lying Time

Kraiburg Lying Area Mats

Northern Farm Supplies supply and fit rubber floor coverings and mats from the Kraiburg range, designed specifically to promote excellent welfare standards in livestock buildings.  Kraiburg has been manufacturing rubber floor mats for animal housing since 1968 and have used this experience to develop high-quality rubber mixtures that will withstand the wear and tear of the agricultural environment. Kraiburg is so confident of the durability of their products that all carry an extended warranty.

The Kraiburg lying mats come with a 6cm thick solid rubber mat with Innovative wing profile provides soft surface that adapts to the shape of the animal. They are extremely durable and maintain their shape and softness whilst providing a comfortable lying surface for cattle/ cows. The mats offer an integrated gradient to the rear of a cubicle which aids drainage and a Chamfered rear edge which reduces the risk of cows tripping and is gentle on the joints.

10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Innovative comfort cover with special softness