Kraiburg Mats For Slopes

For steep passages with a slope of more than 6%

Kraiburg Mats for Sloping Surfaces

The new Kraiburg Monta mat is an innovative rubber mat system designed to cover areas in dairy housing with a slope in excess of around 6%.  Through extensive research Kraiburg has identified the optimal relief pattern to offer slip resistance for both ascent and descent of the ramped area.  Monta has a distinctive ‘gapped’ V-shape raised rib profile which improves claw traction while permitting the free draining of liquids.   A square micro relief pattern between the ribs enhances the slip resistance.   The mat is designed to work equally well in both directions, ascent and descent.

So far, field trial installations in Germany have proven Monta to be highly effective on slopes of up to 15%, while the first trial in the UK has performed even better, on a slope of 17%.

Ideal for ascents and descents, travel lanes, crossing passages, and collecting yards.

  • V-shaped, raised rib profile
    • gives the claw foothold
    • facilitates the drainage of liquids
  • square imprinting between the ribs improves the grip
  • walkable in both directions
  • tested in practice on up to 15 % slope so far

thickness: 24 mm
width × length:
65/130 cm × 200 cm

at least 9 fastenings / slim mat resp. 10 fastenings / wide mat*