Lubratec Side Ventilation

Roll-up ventilation units with a range of opening options

Lubratec Side Ventilation Systems

The Lubratec side ventilation systems mainly feature “top opening” and “bottom opening” roll-up assemblies. Variants with a central roller are also available for larger opening heights. The greatest flexibility in terms of opening position is offered by the “top and bottom opening – central roller” model. All systems can be fitted with temperature, wind velocity and rain sensors to allow automatic operation.

Why choose Lubratec side ventilation systems?

The woven tarpaulins, produced at our own factory, were purpose-designed for the roll-up ventilation units. The use of robust materials – e.g. polyester (PES) and polyethylene (PE) – ensures that they offer extra-high weather and UV resistance. The tarpaulins and mesh have welted edges that are securely held by rails. We offer a wide variety of roll-up systems that are made-to-measure and comply with the EC Machinery Directive.

Ideal ventilation system for insulated building areas