NFS Protective Coatings & Epoxy Paints

Eliminate one of the main infection risks for your animals.

NFS Protective Coatings & Epoxy Paints

In collaboration with P & T Technische Mörtel in Neuss, an epoxy resin for coating has been developed that is specially tailored to the needs of dairy cattle. The feed table surface sealed with such a coating resists acidic and alkaline influences. It remains smooth, easy to clean and does not give bacteria and germs any growth opportunities due to food residues. Practical studies have also shown that cows prefer to eat from clean and smooth surfaces. For example, feed tables sealed with NFS Protective Coatings & Epoxy Paints promote feed intake.

The advantages speak for themselves!

    • Resistant to silicas and chemicals.
    • Easy processing and safe handling.
    • Tested for suitability in the food sector (standard color RAL 7032).
    • Perfectly coordinated renovation method for old stables.
    • Permanent covering for clean food and healthy animals.

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